Просмотр полной версии : C.C.Catch - 25th Anniversary Box (2011) (320 kbps)

25.11.2011, 06:24

Исполнитель: C.C.Catch
Альбом: 25th Anniversary Box
Год выпуска: 2011
Время звучания: 05:10:46
Жанр: Диско
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Размер архива: 716 мб


Catch The Catch

01.'Cause You Are Young (Maxi-Version)
02.I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Maxi-Version)
03.You Shot A Hole In My Soul (Maxi-Version)
04.One Night's Not Enough
05.Strangers By Night (Maxi-Version)
06.Stay (Maxi-Version)
07.Jump In My Car (Maxi-Version)
08.You Can Be My Lucky Star Tonight (Maxi-Version)
Bonus Tracks
09.’Cause You Are Young (Instrumental)
10.I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (Instrumental)
11.Strangers By Night (Instrumental)
12.Jump In My Car (Instrumental)
13.'Cause You Are Young (7'' Version)
14.I Can Lose My Heart Tonight (7'' Version)
15.You Shot A Hole In My Soul (7'' Version)
16.Strangers By Night (7'' Version)
17.Jump In My Car (7'' Version)
18.One Night's Not Enough (12'' Maxi-Version)

Welcome To The Heartbreak Hotel

01.Heartbreak Hotel
02.Picture Blue Eyes
03.Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache
04.V.I.P. (They're Callin' Me Tonight)
05.You Can't Run Away From It
06.Heaven And Hell
07.Hollywood Nights
08.Born On The Wind
09.Wild Fire
10.Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around
Bonus Tracks
11.Heartbreak Hotel (Instrumental)
12.Heaven And Hell (Instrumental)
13.Heartbreak Hotel (Room 69 Mix)
14.Heaven And Hell (12'' Version)

Like A Hurricane

01.Good Guys Only Win In Movies (Long Version)
02.Like A Hurricane
03.Smoky Joe's Cafe
04.Are You Man Enough
05.Don't Be A Hero
06.Soul Survivor (Long Version)
07.Midnight Gambler (Long Version)
08.Don't Wait Too Long
09.Dancing In Shadows
Bonus Tracks
10.Are You Man Enough (Instrumental)
11.Soul Survivor (Instrumental)
12.Good Guys Only Win In Movies (7'' Version)
13.Soul Survivor (7'' Version)
14.Midnight Gambler (7'' Version)
15.Are You Man Enough (Long Version - Muscle Mix)

Big Fun

01.Backseat Of Your Cadillac
02.Summer Kisses
03.Are You Serious
04.Night In Africa
05.Heartbeat City
06.Baby I Need Your Love
07.Little By Little
08.Nothing But A Heartache
09.If I Feel Love
10.Fire Of Love
Bonus Tracks
11.Backseat Of Your Cadillac (Instrumental)
12.Summer Kisses (Extended Version)
13.Heartbeat City (Maxi Mix)
14.Baby I Need Your Love (Long Version)
15.Nothing But A Heartache (Extended Version)
16.Backseat Of Your Cadillac (Extended Version)

The Decade Remixes

01.House Of Mystic Lights
02.Strangers By Night
03.Heartbreak Hotel
04.Heaven And Hell
05.Soul Survivor
06.Good Guys Only Win In Movies
07.Back Seat Of Your Cadillac
08.I Can Lose My Heart Tonight
09.Summer Kisses
10.The Decade 7'' Remix
Diamonds Supplement
11.House Of Mystic Lights (Long Version - Dance Mix)
12.Don't Shoot My Sheriff Tonight
13.Do You Love As You Look
Bonus Tracks
14.House Of Mystic Lights (Club Mix)
15.House Of Mystic Lights (Instrumental Mix)
16.House Of Mystic Lights (Radio Swing Mix)

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