Просмотр полной версии : Помогите опознать один из хитов начала 70-х годов

05.07.2012, 01:28
Помогите пожалуйста опознать песню и исполнителя!

Вот и слова:

From the day a man is born
Till the day he dies
He holds all life’s mysteries
Deep within his eyes

Deep within his eyes it’s showing
Deep within his blood it’s flowing
Deep within his heart it’s growing
Like the wind forever blowing

Deep within his wisdom turning
Deep within his senses burning
Deep within his hungry yearning
Deep within his soul

[Life], oh, [life]
The wild side and the pain
[Life], oh, [life]
The [pressures] and the fame
[Life], oh, [life]
[Life], oh, [life]
The bitter and the sweet

All the tears and all the joy
All the truths and lies
[...] in the inner sense
Of a young girl’s eyes

Lost within her secret tower
Swiftly changing by the hour
Till it blossoms like a flower
With its gift of mystic power

Deep within her wisdom turning
Deep within her senses burning
Deep within her hungry yearning
Deep within her soul

Спасибо заранее!

08.07.2012, 19:32
Это Cliff Richard

В хорошем качестве:

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08.07.2012, 23:13
Еще одна

08.01.2015, 03:38
Клип из фильма