Просмотр полной версии : Музыкальный эпос русского севера (Recorded 1965-1986, republished 2008)

17.01.2010, 12:28

Музыкальный эпос русского севера
Sung epic poetry of the Russian north
(I think it is much more logical translation than the literal "The musical epos of the Russian north")

Recordings 1965 - 1986, (re?) published 2008

From the sound archives of the Russian Literature Institute "Pushkin House" (St. Peterburg)

160 kbps + covers

http://s12.radikal.ru/i185/1001/d5/73be0b654f59t.jpg (http://s12.radikal.ru/i185/1001/d5/73be0b654f59.jpg)

Comment: by zwan (thanks! / спасибо!) ;)

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